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roku WiFi connection issue

My roku keeps losing connection with my WiFi. It happens several times a day and I have to restart it to re establish connection. I called my internet provider (ATT) and they ran a test on my modem and everything was okay. This must be an issue with the roku stick.




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Re: roku WiFi connection issue


A couple of things to look at with ATT routers.  

On the 2.4ghz band, make sure the 2.4ghz band is Enabled and configured to use b/g/n Wireless Mode.  On the 5ghz band(s), make sure you are not using DFS channels. (52-140).  Roku can only see and use channels 36-48, and 149-161 on the 5ghz band.

If the above looks correct in your router configuration, try selecting some other wireless channels in your router to see if it improves connection stability.  On the 2.4ghz, use channels 1, 6, or 11.  On the 5ghz band, try different channels on the high band 149-161.

If you are actually using the Roku Streaming Stick (rather than a Roku streaming player), try using the included wall adapter rather than the TV USB power port in order to rule out an underpowered device.

Finally, see if your device has a power-savings feature that may be contributing to issue.  (Settings/System/Power/Auto Power Savings/20-min).  Disable this feature if present.

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