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"Poor" wifi signal, older Roku Express (not actually poor)

I have an older Roku Express (not 4k). One day it started doing a lot of buffering, and reported poor wifi signal. When I would use the Network Check Connection it reported no internet (though it was still working, just poorly).


Bad router, you might think? Poor router placement? Poor Roku device placement? No. None of the above.


I have three routers that I can test. And I have the ability to place them just about anywhere I want, in the home. It didn't matter if the router was adjacent or far away, the signal was still reported as "poor."


Bad Internet connection, you might think? Nope. I have two other Rokus that work just fine in the same location. And I have many other devices on the same network. I even work from home as a software developer. I would know if I had a bad Internet connection.


The nail in the coffin for the old Roku Express was when I purchased a newer one (4k, voice remote), put it in the exact same location, connected it to the same router, and it reported "Excellent" wifi signal strength, and a solid Internet connection.


So let's summarize: An older Roku Express that worked fine for six years suddenly decided I have a terrible network. I reset and reconnected its networking several times, and even connected to three different routers, one even a few feet away from the device. It continued reporting "poor" signal strength, and a bad Internet connection. Three other Rokus, in the same location, on the same network, including a brand new Express, an older Ultra, and an ancient 3000, all work fine, all report Excellent, and all report a solid connection.


What happened to this one Express, that sat here indoors, mostly unused for many years? (It's on a TV we don't use very often). I can only assume its wifi hardware broke, OR an update bricked its wifi. I'm leaning toward the latter, since this thing is in a gentle environment; never gets above 70f, never below 65f, not humid, not kicked and abused.



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Re: "Poor" wifi signal, older Roku Express (not actually poor)

Hi @daoswald,

A warm welcome here in the Roku Community!

We understand you're having a problem with the Roku Express since it was connecting to your home network or Wi-Fi. We're happy to assist you. May we know how far your Roku Express is from your network router? Are you getting any error codes or messages? Have you tried trying this Roku device through the other TVs to see if that will fix the issue?

We'll wait for your response.


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