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"Not Connected" And the remote also does not work

I am having an issue and it isn't battery related. Everytime I plug a roku stick in it says "Not Connected" and the remote doesn't function. I have tried 2 sticks on 2 different TV's in rooms where I have other functional roku sticks with no connectivity issues. Not sure what the issue is. Has anybody experienced this? I can't even use the remote to troubleshoot connectivity issues. I have changed the batteries in the remote several times. Please help....

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Re: "Not Connected" And the remote also does not work


I'm picking up that you have more than just the two sticks, but those two sticks are having issues.

Have you taken the power supply from one of the working sticks and used it on a non-working stick?

Did you swap out a "bad" stick in place of a "good" stick? Just the stick itself, using the "good" stick remote paired to the "bad" stick? That is, take a "bad" stick to where a "good" stick is working and replace the "good" stick, then pair using the "good" remote.

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