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no internet but strong wi-fi connection

I have a tracphone and a roku box and both devices show 'excellent' router signal but no internet connection. I live in an apartment complex and the property mgr. says she unplugged the complex's router for over an hour at my request to reset the router and it did nothing. I noticed that my signal was till strong during the time she claimed the router was unplugged from power, so I can't discount the possibility that she didn't unplug as she claimed she did, but I doubt this is the case. The fact that neither device can access the net in spite of excellent router signal strength is most perplexing. There was a bad transformer in my neighbor hood and after it was fixed the internet was back, but it didn't last more that a month or two, the problem persisted for ~6mos. prior to this outage and now the net is out again and I can't wait for another bad transformer in my neighborhood! Property mgr. says I am the only resident with this problem. thank you.

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