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my roku will not permit me to click on Living Scriptures where we have a membership

we have a Roku Express.  There are two options that appear on my TV screen at the bottom of the screen Roku Channel and Roku for streaming as others as well.  Usually when I click on the ROKU streaming it will then offer me many other type of viewing choices such as Netflix etc.  One of those choices is Living Scriptures.  I then would click on Living Scriptures and chose a movie.  As of last Saturday when I click on ROKU to get choices like Netflix, Living Scriptures, Now when I click on Living Scriptures it will go to a colorful screen that is moving right to left as you look at the screen with ads of upcoming movies then I click on the back arrow on the remote to get to the movie choices and the screen goes black.  Sometimes when I click on ROKU streaming the screen goes black.  I checked all the wiring ec to make sure it was connected properly and it is.  Sounds like a streaming issue to me.

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