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Level 7

Xfinity wifi connectivity

 Please help. My Roku is supposed to be set up to my Xfinity Wi-Fi account. I just moved and plugged it in and it is not showing the Xfinity Wi-Fi option. My phone is connected to this so I don't understand why it is not coming up under my wi-fi options in the Roku. I never had this problem before I would just turn it on and it would work now I can't even get it connected please someone let me know how to fix this

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Level 20

Re: Xfinity wifi connectivity

Make sure both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz SSIDs are enabled (and separately named preferably) in your Xfinity  modem/router/gateway.

Try the Network Connection Reset:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset

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Level 18

Re: Xfinity wifi connectivity

Yes, some ISPs ship gateways with 2.4GHz turned off, and some Rokus (eg: The Roku Express) only use 2.4GHz.


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Level 16

Re: Xfinity wifi connectivity

Also, if you are using the generic "xfinitywifi" login, Comcast has disabled that on 2.4GHz.

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