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Wireless network connection issue

Last night my roku disconnected from the internet and now it won’t connect. The rest of my device in my house are fully functioning on wifi. When I try to connect I get an error 014.50 saying it’s unable to connect. I’ve done a factory reset and it still will not connect. The blue/purple light on our roku streaming box has been blinking if that can clue to an issue? Our wifi provider is Verizon. 

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Re: Wireless network connection issue

Hi @Bdd24,

Thanks for posting in the Roku Community!

We recommend starting here to troubleshoot Network issues: How to connect your Roku® streaming device to the internet using Wi-Fi® or Ethernet | Official Roku ...

For this specific error code (14.50), we recommend rebooting both your wireless router and your Roku device.

  • Restart your router. To restart your router, check the instructions from your Internet Service Provider or router vendor. In some cases, you can simply unplug it and plug it back in. Other cases may require pressing a reset button on the device.
  • Restart your Roku device. To restart your device, you can either unplug the power cable, wait a moment, and then reconnect it. Or you can follow the steps below and restart it from the Settings menu.

    1. Press Home home button on Roku remote on your Roku remote
    2. Scroll and select Settings
    3. Select System
    4. Select Power. If you do not see a Power submenu, skip to the next step.
    5. Select System restart

I'd also recommend trying to connect your device to an alternate network, such as a mobile hotspot just to isolate the issue.

Please try doing this and see if it helps with what you're experiencing.

Best regards,

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