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Wired or Wireless roku network

I just cut the cord from cable and started streaming. I use Roku 4k express, a verizon box and a firestick. They are all wireless and I find the Roku superior in speed and the ability to show progress when I am fast forwarding. I have a great wireless signal and Gigabit internet. My question, is it worth it to buy one of the Roku wired boxes? I can't get one at Walmart for $30 more than I paid for the wireless. Is it even faster? Better Picture? I have all 4k TVS, it takes about 2 seconds to change/load channels on the wireless roku. I'm streaming mostly ATT TV but also HBOMAX and Netflix.

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Re: Wired or Wireless roku network


No. As long as your wireless network provides a good consistent signal that your Roku (or other devices) can connect, replacing with a wired device won't make a difference.

You only need around 25 Mbps to stream. Heck, I've successfully streamed with ¼ of that speed (not 4K). Gigabit Internet won't make a difference when it comes to streaming.

You could add a network adapter to your Express 4K+ if you want, but it really won't improve things. You seem to have a good setup as is.

Now, if you have a spare TV, and you want to move the Express 4K+ to it and replace with an Ultra on your current, that would be an excuse to buy a new device (of course, "because I want to" is always valid; I use that a lot). But unless the other features of the Ultra are worthwhile to you, there's no reason to replace what you have. Other than "want to."

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