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Re: Will not connect to wifi


PLEASE help me with my connectivity issue!! I have been without ROKU for the entire month of May. I have been away for some of that time and now I'm HOME, and need my TV!! It is now June 2, and I have NO ability to stream thru ROKU.  TODAY, I restarted my router (I have XFINITY). After that, I restarted my ROKU device. STILL NO TV. Is there something going on on your end???

ALL of my other devices are working via my Xfinity WIFI connection. The last time I posted on ROKU community, I still tried all the remedies recommended, BUT one day the ROKU just started working again. I HAD my connection back. That only lasted a short time.  PLEASE HELP> I dont want to have to go back to cable, but I have NO TV!


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Will not connect to wifi


Most likely scenario is that your router has its Wireless Settings set to "Auto" regarding channels.  If you restart your router a multitude of times, you will probably find that the Roku will connect again as the router automatically configures its channel selections. (no guarantee of this).

Only way to set up a consistent connection is to manually configure your router settings.  Unfortunately, still need your router number to be able to tell you how to login to your router.  Look for a sticker on bottom or top that says model number or the like.  Or call your ISP (Internet Provider Xfinity) and see if they can make the changes to your router from their end to the recommended settings/channels posted in above postings of this thread.  (Or maybe they can walk you through how to make the necessary changes to your settings since they should know their router.)

Other devices working on the network means the internet is working.  But these other devices are capable of using channels and settings that Roku can't.  You really have to configure your network to properly work with Roku...or keep restarting your router and hope for the best. (Until nest time it drops connection).

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