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Why is my WiFi better than my hard wired connection for online gaming?!?

So for a while now I have had issues with online gaming. The games seem to have a slight delay and are not as responsive as they should be.

I play on a wired connection and my router is literally on the same desk as my pc.

I was playing fortnite right now and my game felt slow and sluggish so i randomly thought to unplug my ethernet cable and try wifi, and i instantly felt the game be more responsive.

Obviously there are more random ping spikes because other people are using wifi in my house, but when those spikes are not happening my connection feels alot better.

How is this even possible? Im sure there is some issue i have because there is no way it should be better than a hard wired connection, i just dont know what the issue could be. Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

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Re: Why is my WiFi better than my hard wired connection for online gaming?!?

Are you talking about games on a Roku device? If not, this isn't a good place to be asking.

If it is a Roku game, remember that Roku players only have Fast Ethernet wired connections, which maxes out at 100 Mbps. With a good WiFi connection, using 802.11n, you have a theoretical limit that is much faster. It's possible there's an issue with your wired connection, and not providing the highest possible speed. Sometimes a bad Ethernet cable will still connect, but not handshake at the highest speed. A broken wire in the cable might allow a connection, but only at the basic Ethernet speed of 10 Mbps. 


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