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Why I cannot playback high bitrate movies???

Something unfortunate going on with the two brand new Roku Ultra's I just bought. These are the Dolby Vision supported ones. I have a professional 1Gbit switch right next to my TV/Receiver so all my devices plug right into that. I also have a Nvidia Shield ( newest model ) and the Dune Real Vision. Unfortunately the Roku is the only device that cannot handle the high bitrate processing. I don't even use the media players to process anything now, since I pass ALL audio to my receiver. Even so, when I try to playback any high bitrate content using Plex and my Roku Ultra it will either studder like or the actors on the screen kind of look like robots. Now, remember, everything is using the same Ethernet lines, switch, receiver. The only thing that changes is me changing the input of my receiver to what media player I want to use. The shield using Plex as well plays just about everything I try with it. Even content that's 90Mbits. Note, that has a 1GBit port on it. Then small turn of the dial and I'm at my Dune screen. This also has a 1GBit port and plays content natively. Which I mean I don't use Plex. I just browse the files via SMB, and play it. The Dune also has one of the best overlays that tells you everything. Go right back to the Roku and it really stumbles trying to play the very same movies I've just played with my two other players. I think if the Roku Ultra had 1 GBit port, it may be able to play with no issues, but still now it should still play with no problems. Why am I having playback issues here? Does the Roku Ultra have an SMB browser that will let me browse my shares? Maybe I can test that way. I am definitely keeping the Nvidia Shield and 2022 Dune, since they are rock solid and even play all the audio profiles too. TRUEHD, MASTER, the highest audio it can and my receive does what it needs to do. It is a Denon AVR-X6200W. All internal parts made in Japan. I tested each Ethernet line these players are attached to, I so no significant issues whatsoever on these lines. They have been thoroughly tested. I have always loved my media players, but  they all have to work as advertised. The only test that's left is to hook up an SSD USB to the Roku with a couple high bitrate movies. If indeed the Roku plays them, then unfortunately having only 100MBit Ethernet port isn't helping. I was really hoping to just plug it in and it would work. Since I do like the interface, the ease of use. 

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