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What's the minimum internet speed for a smooth experience online?

I have about 20Mbps Download speed and 5 Mbps Upload speed and the console is also connected to a LAN adapter. Could you guys tell me your internet speed and experiences so I can know my internet speed tier? Thanks

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Re: What's the minimum internet speed for a smooth experience online?

I have fixed Wireless Broadband with up to 50 mbps download.  My speeds actually are normally between 17 mbps and 25 mbps with uploads of around 4 mbps.  

Can operate 3 simultaneous Rokus on this connection with no issues. (Streaming or casting content on non-4k televisions.).   Even with my "line-of-sight" fixed Wireless, streams through snowstorms and the like.

Broadband provider was doing some upgrading to the tower last week or so and at times was getting speeds of between 1 and 4 mbps, and only my Roku Premiere could connect to network and stream with no issues/no buffering.  My ethernet Ultra and wireless RokuTV could not connect at these speeds. (At least while Premiere was streaming.)

With your specs above, you should be good to go for ordinary HD streaming on your Rokus, based on my experience.  Perhaps those that do a lot of 4k streaming may have a different experience, or those with different ISP providers.

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