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Using up bandwidth

Just bought a new Roku Express to replace a Roku I had for 8 years. I can watch shows on the Roku, so my Roku is connecting to the internet just fine. However, when the Roku is connected to my TV, nothing turned on, just connected, it is using up all my internet bandwidth. When I try to have video conference meetings on my laptop it freezes. Once I disconnect the Roku my bandwidth is back to normal and I can do video conference meetings. I had no issues with bandwidth with my old Roku and nothing else in my household has changed except hooking up a new Roku Express. When I run the internet speed test the download and upload speeds double (at least) when I completely disconnect the Roku. Any suggestions?

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Re: Using up bandwidth

Is your Roku on the Home Screen when you aren't watching it?

Keep in mind that if you turn off your TV with your Roku playing, it will continue to play. Turning off the TV won't stop the Roku.

What kind of screen saver are you using?

What was your old Roku model number?

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