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Using a phone hotspot

My wifi is my phones hot spot so my phone is 100% connected and working for on tv viewing and streaming since im connected using my phone i can't connect my phone to its own wifi to use mirroing or remote and this defeats the pourpose of downloading the roku app on my phone since i have my hulu youtube there first and want to mrrior my screen for apps not supported by roku i could do this with my stream smart android box that died after 6 years is there a way to mirror through the internet link like it does seems like this is stepping back in technology and if so need to return the entire tv and spend less than half on new android boxes giving me bigger screens every where i only need 2 and got a 1 new tv since i can see all tvs from all rooms i just got 1 new tv instead of 2 i need an answer in 10 days for return policy purchased the day before thanks giving 2020

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