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Updated my Roku Express this evening and multiple channels now say "Protected Content License Error"

I was watching multiple channels on my Roku Express today. Around 7:00 p.m. I went to watch Disney Plus to stream Dancing With The Stars live. And once on that channel I noticed that the newest episode had not been uploaded. I went to the software update page and noticed that Roku wanted to update the Roku Express. After the Roku updated its own software. Multiple channels gave me "Protected content license error". Specifically Disney Plus, Peacock, and HBO. I'm unable to watch any show on those channels, and I am disappointed as I pay for those. I tried restarting the Roku Express, restarting my router, unplugging my Roku express, unplugging all of the wires around the Roku Express and my tv, uninstalling Disney Plus (then restarting the Roku Express), and restarting my network connection. I've tried everything the internet has suggested besides a factory reset. I've had the Roku Express for a few years now and I do not want to do a factory reset when I have not had any problems prior. Can someone please help me?

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