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Unlocked WiFi network available on Roku but no other devices

I apologise and want to express how happy I am with your product and service. I know my concerns may go deeper than the help or information you would be able to provide but if customer privacy is your policy then since mid last year something very suspicious started showing up in my list of available networks. It was a network listed as spectrum mobile, unlocked, and available. I had never that before but as I live in an apartment I believed it to possibly be someone's connection in the area and didn't secure their network. Anyway, I decided hmm is this same network on all my devices if I turned on my wifi, so I started with my tablet, it was there but this time it had a locked symbol next to it, and when clicked it required a password. No I did not do that on the Roku because it's unlock I didn't know how safe it was. Back to the story, I than used an old cracked phone that no one wanted not even the recycle phone people, but when on and connected to the wifi works fine just you gotta make out images and text but when I looked under available wifi network there was that spectrum mobile with a lock next to it and when clicked on a password is required, and again on my boyfriend's phone and my cell phone all the same has spectrum mobile all with a lock over the signal bars requiring password and an AES password whatever that is, but on my ROKU STICK device that same network shows up and is unlocked? I am not illiterate to the ways of a PC, cellphone, or other tech gadgets but this has got me perplexed, should I be contacting the authorities? I don't know others who lives here in my building or near by that had Roku, many have spectrum so I don't have anyone to compare with.

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