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Unable to connect to wireless network even though I’m doing everything right

Hi guys! I’m sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times, but I couldn’t find many answers from searching.

We recently got new internet and I’ve been trying to connect my TCL Roku tv to our network and it will not connect. I either get error codes 014.40 or 014.30 and I have done everything the error codes have said to correct the problem, but no dice. I am using the correct network and password. I’ve restarted my tv and router. I’ve moved the router even though the wireless strength was strong where it was. I’m at a loss. I didn’t have this problem with the old internet(which sucked).

I contacted both Roku and TCL a few days ago and have yet to hear from them. If anyone could help, that would be great. Thank you!

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Re: Unable to connect to wireless network even though I’m doing everything right

First, you have to verify that you really are entering your network and password correctly.  Your Roku has a network cache from your previous network setup so there is some misconfiguration occuring. 

From within the Roku, try to reset your network configuration.

Settings..System..Advanced System Settings..Network Connection Reset..Reset Network Connection.

Do a System Restart if the Roku does not automatically reboot.  Then try to login again.

When you say new internet, do you mean a new router or new internet service provider or both?  If you got a new router, it could be the gateway is different from the old one which is contributing to problem.  If the network reset does not work, post back with your Internet Provider, your Router Model Number along with any router settings from the Wireless Settings.

As another test, are you able to connect to a hotspot? 

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Hello there, You need to change the wireless>

Hello there, You need to change the wireless> control channel settings in your modem settings. roku only accepts 1 to 11 values. You will see that you are connected through wireless when you change these values.

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