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They acting crazy and won't talk

I have 3 roku's two of them have gone down and will not connect to the Wi-Fi no matter what. Here's what happened one day they just stopped connecting now when you go to set up the wireless connection it says all the networks are there but when you go to connect it says no networks available.. I've reset everything multiple times it's not the router I know that because all my other devices are connected to it. What could make the Roku see that there's networks available but won't be able to connect to any of them.

I'm thinking I don't know if it's possible I know it's definitely not ethical and may even be illegal but considering that none of my roku's will connect and they all took a dump at the same time, could the makers of Roku put a code in the little box telling it to **bleep** out after certain amount of time. That way you'd have to buy a new one after a certain amount of time

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Re: They acting crazy and won't talk


Nice name, by the way ...

Your problem may have been caused by a recent update to your router that changed the router's wifi connection parameters from b/g/n to g/n (or a new router with that setting), which affects some Roku models. This has been reported lately with equipment from Comcast/Xfinity and Cox, but there may be others.

Affected users report the Roku identifies the local network as available and rates the connection quality, but will not then connect. The fix is to switch the router configuration protocols from the g/n wifi that was set by the update back to b/g/n. If you don't have access to your router's control panel you may have to have your internet provider do it for you.

Step-by-step post from @AvsGunnar for Comcast/Xfinity users:

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Re: They acting crazy and won't talk

Did you manage to fix this problem somehow? I'm the same and don't know what to do

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