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Tethering Express 4k+ to iPhone, says it's connected, almost nothing streaming

New Roku user. Bought and successfully activated an Express 4k+, connecting to internet by tethering to an iPhone 7.  I checked the connection in "Settings" device reports connection is "Good" or "Excellent."  I can see channel icons on Home screen.  Selected Roku channel, it comes up, but no specific content is shown--just empty rectangles where content choices would be displayed.  Went to youtube--specific content is displayed, but if I click to anything specific, progress indicator spins for a while, then blank screen.  I searched youtube for some specific content and clicked on some of the results, a few, maybe 2%, actually play, otherwise spinning dots for a while, then blank screen. 

I have successfully streamed video before with same tv and phone, but with a firestick.

Any suggestions?

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