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Re: TV Manufacturer Not Recognized


I haven't looked in the settings yet, but is Evervue not available as a selection. (Evervue manufacturers Cosmos televisions).

Customer bought their vanity mirror TV some time back which is only reason reason I remember this.



Not sure of a compatible manufacturer you could try if not listed, short of trying them all.  Perhaps someone can offer some info to save you some time (@Tivoburkee).  I am assuming here you are trying to get your Roku remote to work with this TV.

I did see some info that two remotes are (or at least were) usually shipped with the older Cosmos units due to how the Android OS was actually integrated into the TV. (an attached Android box inside the TV).  If still the case, may turn out that you cannot use the Roku remote with your TV to control power and volume, but do not want to speak prematurely until others weigh in.

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Re: TV Manufacturer Not Recognized

According to Evervue themselves, Cosmos is a brand name used on outdoor TV sets.

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