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Switching wireless networks

Hello - I have two wireless networks available - 2.4GHz and 5GHz. When I first setup my device I was able to use the 5GHz. Something happened and now it keeps defaulting to the 2.4GHz and I cannot find the 5GHz network. Also, when I want to switch from wireless to wired I can only choose wireless. Can someone help me out on what to do? I think the networks might have switched when I tried to screen mirror with one of my other devices and both had to be on the same network so I mistakenly switched to the 2.4GHz network... Thanks.

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Re: Switching wireless networks

 See if rebooting your router and doing a System Restart of your Roku device solves it for you.  (Settings..System..System restart)

When your router reboots and after you do a System Restart, see if all networks are again available.  You may have to press SCAN AGAIN under the Network Settings to make visible.

Since no option showing for wired, one of these steps should work for you. You can also try using another ethernet port on your router.  If not, post back with your Roku device model and router model.

Although does not explain why Wired isn't showing as an option, the 5gz settings may have changed to either a protocol excluding the 5gz capability of the Roku, or switched to a channel not recognized by the Roku forcing it to use the 2.4gz.  Post back if restarting router now gives you access back to both bands.

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