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Suddenly Low wireless signal strength

My Roku premiere has all of sudden issues connecting to my wifi, I did all the trouble shooting steps other than purchasing a new router. Restarted router/roku multiple times. All my other devices work including the smart tv it's connected to. I've only had this for a few months. It's literally 10 feet away from the router. Is it broken?? Please help

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Re: Suddenly Low wireless signal strength

My Premiere has the worst reception of any device I've ever owned and I've seen reports of the same.  I don't know if it's always been that way or not, but one thing that's troubling is that it's pretty hot.  Again, I don't know if it has always been that way.  I didn't notice how horrible it was until I traveled with it; it's always been within a few feet of my router.  Another person with poor reception also noted the high temperature.  You can see the temperature from the "Platform Secret Screen" - press Home 5 times, then FF (>>), Play/Pause, Rewind (<<), Play/Pause, FF.  My temperature is 90C.  The theory is that the electronics have just cooked.  What does the "Signal strength" show on the Settings->Network->About page?  Mine always showed Poor when I was traveling (and it was no more than 20 feet from the router in another room), but it shows Good now that it's 3 feet from the router in the same room.

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Re: Suddenly Low wireless signal strength

Hi I'm new here so bear with me, I have a Roku Express bought 10 months ago and just lately I'm having a problem with poor signal strength with buffering issues,in the room we call the snug!

When I connect to the the WiFi it tells me that it's a poor strength! But when I test the internet signal on my phone it tells me that the speed test is 16mbps download and 3 mbps upload in the room !

If i take the Roku into the other room on the same router and same channel and a little better internet signal! I get excellent strength on the Roku with no buffering issues !

Any help or advice would be appreciated 👍