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Streaming Connectivity Issue

I have Spectrum TV as a cable provider and just removed my cable boxes to go full streaming on a TCL Roku TV. I have a computer and iPhone connected to the same Wi-Fi router. I can get 5G on both devices but not the TVs anymore. I was able to connect to 5G when I had the cable boxes hooked up. Also, now I have no connection available at all through streaming. Every time I click the Spectrum app, it opens and crashes. Other apps (Netflix, Amazon) says no connection. So, right now, my ROKU is connected to 2G, can't connect to 5G and won't run any apps. Any feed back would be appreciated. Spectrum service was there for the second time today and can't find a solution.

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Re: Streaming Connectivity Issue


Roku cannot see or use DFS channels 52-140 on the 5ghz band.

Since you are able to use the 2.4ghz band, seems the likely culprit may be that the router is using DFS channels in its "wireless channels" setting on your 5ghz band.  You will either need to change the 5ghz Wireless Settings to "Disable DFS" or manually assign a non-DFS channel on the 5ghz band. (36-48, or 149-161).

Now, with Spectrum, if you also having issues with the 2.4ghz band, you should try changing the "Wireless Mode" in the 2.4ghz Wireless Settings to b/g/n.

You should be able to make these changes at your router or contact Spectrum to make these changes for you.

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Re: Streaming Connectivity Issue

I'll give it a shot

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