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Screen mirror stopped working on multiple Hisense u6g

I had my first 65 inch Hisense/Roku u6g tv and screen mirror worked perfect 3 times and next time I tried it worked but no audio. I went through Roku and Hisense support and got no fix after trying all troubleshooting options. I returned it and got another one after months of waiting for a restock. The second one worked perfect one time. I tried the next day and it shows on my device list on my phone and I click it to screen cast and it says connecting and I get no prompt to allow on my tv and the tv dissapears from the list on my phone and reappears a few seconds later. It will not connect. I have tried all the steps again support got me to try with the first tv and still get the same result. I wonder if it is part of the updates they have put out and it has some bugs they need to fix or if there is some way to make it work. This should t be an issue and it should work as it proves it can where it did the first time. I don't know why it will not connect  please help.

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