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Roku wont connect to mobile hotspot anymore

My Roku stopped connecting to my mobile hotspot months ago. I'm getting error 009 where it shows wireless connection with a green check mark and internet connection with a red x. I have restarted my device, rest both my Network settings on my phone and the advanced settings on the Roku, I even tried a factory reset back to where you have to pick a language and nothing works. Both Roku and my phone Carrier say that everything is running fine on both ends. I'm about ready to give up. There have been success stories with methods but I've tried them and they haven't worked yet. Has anyone found an alternative that works yet?

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Re: Roku wont connect to mobile hotspot anymore


Are you using a mobile hotspot directly from the phone, or do you have a hotspot device in your house.

What brand phone (Android or Apple) and who is phone carrier?  If you have hotspot device in house, what is model number, brand, and carrier?

If Android, try looking under Settings/More/Cellular Networks/Access Point Names and verify that "APN Roaming Protocol" is configured to use IPv4/IPv6.  If currently sent to IPv6-only, then this could be a contributing factor since Roku needs IPv4 compatibility enabled to access the internet.

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