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Roku wont connect to internet.

My Roku Premier Pro is fairly new and lately has been going out on me. I mainly use it at night and basically every night it disconnects from the internet. For a while this happened and an hour or two later it would reconnect but most recently that hasn’t been the case. So I have done everything from reseting my router, updating it, I got a new modem, I have kept the device unplugged over night, I keep my Roku updated, I even reset the network settings, and eventually just reset the whole device to factory settings and nothing has worked yet. I think I may have a faulty Roku I do not know though I just either need a way to get a new Roku, get this one fixed, or any additional troubleshooting tips. I’ve been all over the internet and have literally tried it all.

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Re: Roku wont connect to internet.

Premiere Pro isn't an accurate model name. Could you provide the model number (settings/system/about). This is important information as most Premiere models only support 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Since your issues seem to be occurring at specific times, it sounds like you might be experiencing WiFi interference of some kind. There are many devices in the home that might interfere on that band. 5 GHz is generally much "quieter", but chances are your Roku doesn't support it. 

So, if interference is an issue, the first thing to try is changing the channel your WiFi is using. 2.4 GHz has channels 1-11 available, but the best channels to use are 1, 6 and 11. Your WiFi is likely set to auto-select its channel, so you need to first find out the channel it's using, then set it manually to a different channel. You can see what channel it's using in your Roku Settings/Network/About menu.


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