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Roku won’t connect to WIFi.

My Roku won’t connect to WiFi. I restarted the router, restarted my Roku and did a factory reset on Roku and nothing works. Any other options to try?  

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Re: Roku won’t connect to WIFi.

I am having the same issue with both of my tv's. I have an excellent signal. I watched the video on the support page and followed all instructions. I have contacted my internet company. I'm all good there. Any suggestions?

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Re: Roku won’t connect to WIFi.

this is ridiculous my roku is brand new it was working perfectly for 1 week maybe then suddenly it can’t connect to my wifi . My internet is running good tripled checked so it’s on rokus end . Real mad first time and last time I’ll get there product . Should’ve stayed with fire stick . 

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku won’t connect to WIFi.

Helps to know which device exactly by model number.

Some roku devices (maybe some roku TV) only support 2.4ghz b/g WiFi.  Yeah Roku was not keeping up with a general trend to 5ghz in the name of costs.

There has been a spate of ISP/cable companies turning off 2.4ghz or removing "b" mode in the name of "improvements".  Which you may have now found isn't an improvement for you. 

Login to admin/config of your router to check this, or contact your ISP or cable company. May also help to get the router to " forget " the connection (and same on Roku), power router and roku off and on and then try to resetup WiFi.

I have had an issue with older Express that the WiFi hardware in the device just died after a couple of years, so could be roku hardware problem.

Not a Roku employee
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