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Roku won't connect to Nokia 7.1 hotspot (AndroidOne Pi)

I have an Insignia Roku TV and a Roku Express on my Vizio.  I recently replaced my Moto G4 with a Nokia 7.1. Both Rokus worked great on the Moto G4 hotspot, but neither works on the new Nokia 7.1.  Both connect to the network but not the internet (get first green check mark, but not the second).  I tried every setting on the Nokia I could find including no security and 2.4 GHz band and 5.0 GHz band and unplugging for 20 seconds with a phone reboot.  I went back to the Moto and both work fine again, but the 3 year old Moto needs to be plugged in all the time as the battery only lasts about 15 minutes.  Two computers and my wife's Moto G access the internet properly on the Nokia and the Moto hotspots.  I moved the sim card from the Moto G4 to the Nokia and back so both are using the same phone number and carrier -- T-Mobile.

I have searched online and most discuss going into the router settings and changing DNS from an Internal IP address to an External IP address.  That would be easy if I  were using a router, but with a hotspot I can't check or change (or at least don't know how to) the IP settings.  It is very frustrating to have a 3 year old phone work fine, but a new one to not.

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Re: Roku won't connect to Nokia 7.1 hotspot (AndroidOne Pi)

I'm gong through same thing is there any chance you were able to fix that problem??! I'm going nuts

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