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Roku very difficult to reconnect to internet after power outage.

When I try to use Roku after a power outage, it finds the Wifi AP Router easily enough, showing 5 bars for the Wifi signal. Home based system, Linksys router with Wifi cable connected to a desktop computer. Used for LAN and WAN with all the standard security.

The Roku just will not connect to the internet after it's power goes off even though I can from other devices. I try all sorts of unplugging and re-plugging in devices in different orders and nothing works until I completely reset the router and then reconfigure it exactly as it was before. Then I can attach the Roku and it's working again. 

This is very annoying and reminds me of the type of power loss issues many devices had back in the '90s with auto reconnecting to the internet once power was restored.

I just checked for updated firmware for my Roku Express 4K +, 3941R a few days ago and it's fine in mine or it downloaded it...I forget. Went fine though, no error messages or anything. I do have regular power outages and as long as the Roku is off at the time, it comes back fine the next time I use it, it's just when it's on and power goes out that it can't seem to reconnect the next time I activate it.

Is there some easier way to get the Roku to recognize the exact setup it had that worked just before the power outage? Or is it some configuration in my Linksys Router I need to look at? If so, which one? Please don't refer me to the FAQs...none I've found apply.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Roku very difficult to reconnect to internet after power outage.

I have the same problem right now at the moment actually. I'd like to know the same answers.

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Re: Roku very difficult to reconnect to internet after power outage.


Try restarting the router and performing a Network Connection Reset on the Roku device. (Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Network Connection Reset/Reset Connection)


If still having issues, feel free to post back Roku model number (Settings/System/About), your router model number, your ISP (internet service provider), and what wireless channels are you using in your 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless settings.

Need to know how your router is configured in order to offer more meaningful/detailed troubleshooting.

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