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Roku ultra not staying connected to WiFi hardwired

I have the Roku ultra and we keep getting the message on the screen it’s lost connection to the Internet. We go out we check that we have 100% Wi-Fi even though we are hardwired with the ethernet cable. We did a Roku restart and that seems to connect it back to the Internet for a short time. We have unplugged it let it sit for a while. We’ve done factory reset and still having problems. We have tried using it as wireless for WiFi to see if it makes it any better…won’t work. Does this mean our Roku has gone bad and we need a new one? 
*I reached out to our internet provider and they did a update to our system to see if it would help and no it did not. We have a wireless unit in another room and it goes out once in awhile. Have a TCL tv in another room and no problems. (Not switching TVs around)

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Re: Roku ultra not staying connected to WiFi hardwired

Which version of the Ultra do you have? There are 6 different versions. 

It does sound odd that it's reporting a WiFi connection when you're using Ethernet. My first suggestion would be to try a different Ethernet cable. Cables do fail, usually at a connection. Make sure the cable isn't designated as a crossover cable. They are pretty hard to find any more, since almost all switches will now handle the crossover internally if necessary. 

The fact you've had connection issues with the TV in the other room might point to a problem with your router as well. Since the router is likely also your wired switch, if it's acting up it might be causing the problem for both devices. If the router is provided by your ISP, it might be worth asking them for a replacement. 


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