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Reel Rookie

Roku stopped connecting to internet. When will they fix update issue?

I bought another roku before checking this forum. My roku won’t connect at all with my wireless network. I even plugged it straight to the router and still won’t work. Going on a month plus with no tv. Come on roku team please fix the connectivity issue.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku stopped connecting to internet. When will they fix update issue?

If you can provide some details, someone may have some ideas.  In general, for certain Roku models (lower end ones that have 2.4GHz only) some people have had to adjust their Wi-Fi settings in their router.  However, since you have connected it directly, that should avoid that issue.  Although I am ASSUMING, this means you used an ethernet connection and that you have one of the Roku Ultra models.  However, you might mean something else, like not using a Wi-Fi repeater or something…. So, back to the original comment that more details would help.

Hmm, I found your post in another person's thread saying "I’m having the same problem", but as you may have noticed, that person's problem was fixed by using the correct password!  Details do matter!

You also said: "I don’t have a 5g network. I’m serviced through comcast", however the suggestion in that thread was to use 5GHz which is unrelated (though similar sounding) to cell phone "5G" networks.  You probably do have 5GHz from Comcast.  In fact, Comcast is one of the companies that has released several firmware updates that have knocked many people's 2.4Ghz devices off-line.  I've had to turn the 2.4GHz back on twice at my parent's Comcast-serviced house because Comcast seems to think they want to use 5GHz only and just "changes that for them".

Just some ideas to look at – otherwise – try posting more details of your situation.

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