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Reel Rookie

Roku stick+ not reliable anymore (wifi and remote pairing problems)

I have a roku2 ( (4205E) with Faster Processor (2015 model) and a stick+ (2018) 3810EU,

They've both been pretty good up until this year.
The Roku2 has become unreliable and sometimes pauses, then reboots.
It won't accept the remote until I restart from within the menu (fortunately I can use the app for this).

However, as it was becoming unreliable and I was using the stick+ less in the projector room, I swapped it out. I had noticed issues before when trying to use the stick+ but I thought I could fix them.

The stick+ is not stable in terms of wifi or remote pairing.

For example, I set it up after a full reset this week, paired the remote (which took a while) and setup the wifi connection (2.4Ghz and it doesn't detect the 5Ghz one).

Then the next day it was disconnected and the remote worked for a minute then failed.

The remote has new batteries and no issues when paired to the roku2.

What is going on? have the updates broken the stick+?

As the Roku2 is more unreliable now (Disney+ didn't work at all for a month earlier this year) I was going to switch to the Stick+ but it's a bit of a shambles now and can't be used reliably.

Any advice? I've done a full reset and I'm using new standard batteries in the remote which works fine with the Roku2.
The Stick+ has it's own 2A USB power supply from a socket so is not powered off (the TV can't provide enough power).

My only option now is perhaps to get a mUSB to ethernet splitter and use a wired connection for the Stick+ (if that's compatible).

Advice welcomed, thanks.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku stick+ not reliable anymore (wifi and remote pairing problems)

Don't know if "the updates broke the stick" since you never mentioned what firmware version you are on, etc.

USB ethernet adapters wont work with the SS+.

You should manually configure the 5Ghz in your modem/router/gateway.

Since apparently you are somewhere in Europe (most likely the UK), you should avoid channels 100-161 (these are DFS enabled) - that leaves channels 36-64 - try manually configuring the channel (do not use Auto) to one of these, and see if your Roku picks it up.   You should also limit the channel width to 20Mhz (and increase it later and check stability).

Reel Rookie

Re: Roku stick+ not reliable anymore (wifi and remote pairing problems)


Yes I'm in the UK.

I'll update the wifi channel manufally.

I'll try to get the stick working again with the remote which is tricky, but I will have a go.

The main problem is that it drop wifi connection to the 2.4ghz and also the remote decouples.

Very frustrating, I'd like to solve these problems as otherwise the stick+ is pretty good.​​​​​​​

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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku stick+ not reliable anymore (wifi and remote pairing problems)

A quick update, I may have resolved this now.

For some reason, the stick is confused now if I plug it into the back of my TV.
It loses wifi and remote connection, even with the small official HDMI extender.

I have it functioning when plugged into my soundbase which is a little further away from the TV.

It does need a very good quality HDMI cable to route between the soundbase and the TV (a cheaper one caused picture issues). But it now works (for now).

However, when I tried to move it to my amp near the projector, it all went wrong again.

It was not previously this tetchy or fickle. I don't know what has changed.
Maybe a longer HDMI extender cable would be a good idea? I'm not sure.

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Roku Guru

Re: Roku stick+ not reliable anymore (wifi and remote pairing problems)

You never mentioned what firmware version+build either of your Rokus is on.  (Settings/System/About)

You also didnt mention whether any changes you made to your WiFi configuration in your modem/router/gateway (especially with the 5Ghz) made any difference.

You seemed to avoid that in favor of location changes (via moving it and different extenders).

"What has changed" may be WiFi interference (other devices, neighbors) or band-use changes - this is what happens when you let the modem/router/gateway devices auto-configure their wireless settings - they can/do change.

Its also possible hardware entropy (assisted by firmware updates) contributed as well.

You need to take a closer look at your WiFi config and neighborhood band-usage/interference (there are phone apps for that), and barring WiFi config related solutions, you may have to obtain a new device.



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Reel Rookie

Re: Roku stick+ not reliable anymore (wifi and remote pairing problems)

very true!
I have upgraded my router in the last 6 months, both this and the previous were 5Ghz enabled. (ASUS RT-AC86U Wi-Fi AC2900)

I have taken your advice in changing the channels but this didn't have any effect that I could see.

I haven't not disabled 5Ghz though.

The software version is 10.0.0, build 4195, and claims to be up to date.

As long as this one works in the current setup I'll keep using it. I've found that the Roku2 box is becoming more unreliable in certain apps nowadays (disney+) particularly.

I'll see how it goes from here. Thanks

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