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Roku premiere "seeing" a false connection

I have a Roku 3920 it was connected to the 5g network at home (where we also have a 2g network). Several times in the past it has randomly disconnected, I was able to reset the router and Roku to continue use with success. A few weeks ago it happened again, but after several resets of both I have had no luck. The Roku will see 2g network but will not connect and it will not see the 5g network at all. While trying to fix it today I noticed that with my router unplugged the Roku was still able to see the 2g network. This is obviously a problem with the Roku, not the connection. Since I cannot even email Roku customer support, does anyone have any suggestions as to what I can do to fix this? Is there a way I can connect it to a computer and update it or something? Grasping at straws 😞

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Re: Roku premiere "seeing" a false connection

A lot of what you're saying doesn't make sense.  First, the 3920 wasn't dual band, so I don't know how it could have been connected to 5GHz.  I've seen other people claim that their 2.4GHz-only Roku was connected to 5GHz, so I don't know what to think about that one.  Second, if you unplug your router and your Roku still shows your 2.4GHz SSID then there's really something strange going on.  Once you unplug the router, reboot/restart the Roku.  If it still shows your 2.4GHz SSID then something is broadcasting that SSID.

Go into Settings->System->Advanced system settings and select "Network connection reset".

Finally, sorry, there's no way to connect it to a computer to update it.

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