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Roku on demand stopped working with new router

I have been using a T mobile hotspot to control my 3 roku tv's with no issues and I just recently updated to a T mobile home internet. at first everything seemed great and I played spotify and Hulu just fine but when i tried to resume a streaming show on Ruku channel it just keeps jumping back when I click continue watching. I tried numerous shows with the same result but the like tv part works just fine. Paramount plus is doing the same. I was going to try a system restart on the tv but I tried it on the other tv's in the house and it has the same result. I reconnected to the hotspot and everything works as it should so it is something in the router that Roku doesn't like. I have tried restarting the router and modem. Internet works just fine it just won't let Roku stream shows. 

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Re: Roku on demand stopped working with new router


Thanks for the post.

Can you please clarify the issue you are experiencing? What brand and model router are you using? What wireless frequency is your router broadcasting?

With more detailed information, we will be able to assist you further.


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Re: Roku on demand stopped working with new router

I am using the T mobile 5g gateway router. It is 5g unless the device doesn't support it then it switches to 2.4g.  what is happening is all the streaming shows will not load. you press continue watching or start and it just refreshes. will not let the show start. All live shows work just fine. this is only on Roku and Paramount channels. Hulu works just fine. If I switch back to my hotspot on my phone everything works just fine. 

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Re: Roku on demand stopped working with new router


Some users have a little difficulty with the newer TMobile 5g routers (cylindrical tri-band AX) and their Roku connections.

Some of this may be because the user is locked out of configuring the IPv4/IPv6 protocol for the internet connection (handled automatically by the TMobile router), whereas those with the TMobile hotspot devices can still configure this setting and immediately fixes issue by just switching to IPv4 protocol.

For those that use the 5g routers, a little bit of manual configuring to the bands seems to help fix the issues.  Basically, you may have to override the automatic band steering of the router and the tendency of them to swap between the low and high bands of the 5ghz connection.

Most find placing the Roku devices on the 2.4ghz band will work just fine and experience very little issues.

If you want to use the 5ghz band, you may have to do a little configuring (depending on the actual model of the 5g router - most likely the KVD21, or the Nokia) and either disable the use of DFS channels (if applicable), or select a non-DFS channel (36-48 or 149-161) rather than using Auto. (if using KVD21, "Auto" is enabling DFS usage - no seperate Disable function other than assigning a non-DFS channel).

Try assigning different SSID names to all your bands, and manually assign channel, so you can see which one it is connecting to (SSID1=2.4ghz, SSID5=5ghz low, and SSID9=5ghz high).  By changing both SSID5 and SSID9 (the two 5ghz bands) to use a non-DFS channel, the Roku should stop losing connection because there is no chance for the router to switch to a non-supported DFS channel while watching your content.)  This is your most likely culprit.

If the above does not resolve issue, then it becomes more how the router may be handling the IPv4/IPv6 protocol.  Some have stated success by changing the DNS servers to in the router/gateway settings (which is a Cloudfare DNS address), to resolve some of this conflict, so may be worth a shot as well.

If you need more help, post the model number of the router (found on the sticker on the bottom) and the model number of your Roku device (Settings/System/About).


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