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Roku not connecting via WiFi & remote stopped working.

Last night for no reason roku stopped working. It said it was not connected to the Internet and the remote would not work. I try to connect my cell phone via the mobile app but it would not work because it could not find the Roku device. I move the device to the room where our router is located and hardwired it and it connects via the hardwire but not via Wi-Fi, I was able to get the Roku connected and my phone synced and then went to settings and Connect to the Wi-Fi but as soon as I unplug the hard line it would drop the Wi-Fi connection as well. Any suggestions.?

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Re: Roku not connecting via WiFi & remote stopped working.

Which model roku?

Some only support 2.4ghz "b" mode WiFi, and there has been a spate of ISP and cable companies turning off 2.4 or "b" in the name of "improvements" leaving only 5ghz on, or 2.4ghz g/n.

Check that first.  Also get router to "forget" the roku, power cycle router and roku, and re do the WiFi config on the roku.

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