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Roku isn’t connecting to wifi

Hello. My roku was unplugged for a few hours and after we plugged it back in, it kept saying our wifi password was incorrect. After numerous times of resetting it and the router, it still would not accept the correct password. I even factory reset and now it’s saying the same thing, that it’s unable to connect to the internet. I even swapped the HDMI to another one, unplugged everything for a minute or two and still nothing!  I’m very frustrated and don’t want to have to buy another one. We just purchased this not even two months ago. Please help. I can’t even get past the wifi on the factory reset now.... 

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Re: Roku isn’t connecting to wifi

Hi @LinziRoberts,

We appreciate your post.

Try taking a look here for more tips about troubleshooting that wireless network issue : What should I do if I cannot connect to my home ... - Roku

We recommend rebooting both your wireless router and your Roku device.

I'd also recommend trying to connect your device to an alternate network, such as a

mobile hotspot.

Keep us posted with what you find out.



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