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Roku connection to phone hotspot internet issues

I have 2 different Roku devices. I only run off of my phones mobile hotspot. I have been using both like this for a long time. The older version I had in storage the newer one I was using until 2 days ago when something happened (Toddler) the reset button was pushed. Now it has wireless connection,  however gives me an unable to connect to the internet error code 009.  I pulled out the old one and it is doing the same. Nothing has changed on my phone. 

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Re: Roku connection to phone hotspot internet issues

Do you happen to know what the model names/numbers of your two Roku devices are?  The model number should be found on the bottom of the unit, printed in either a white text on a label or a black outlined/moulded text, usually something like “Model No.,” then usually the four digits and the letter X.  I have a 2017/2018 Roku Express + (the one with analog outputs) and it’s model no. 3910X.

~ Jordan

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Roku Express+ 3910X
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