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Roku cannot see WIfi - tried EVERYTHING!

Roku Premier cannot see my Wifi. I have restarted Roku, updated, changed/split wifi channel, rebooted router X 8 times. Returned to factory settings. Nothing. Turned off all devices, moved the Roku transmitter, unplugged everything. Followed EVERY possible tip. It's the only device in my house that cannot see the network. Do I need to return it? Thanks. @droku 

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Re: Roku cannot see WIfi - tried EVERYTHING!


Thanks for the post.

I have responded to the PM that you sent me and I'll continue to assist you from there.


Danny R.
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Re: Roku cannot see WIfi - tried EVERYTHING!

For others that read this, its probably a software issue and you need to upgrade the ROKU because certain WIFI channels don't work on certain ROKU software versions.

Use a friends router to connect instead, or use a personal hotspot on a mobile phone. Once connected to that, the ROKU will update itself and then you should be able to see your own WIFI router.

Hope this helps.

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