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Roku can no longer authenticate on any wifi network

I have a Roku 4k Streaming stick which suddenly lost the ability to use its won remote. i could'nt pair any remotes to it from my other rokus either and tried factory resetting the roku using the remote app and once the reset was done i was able to pair my remote back to it however now i cant re-set it up because it can no longer connect to WiFi. it sees my network but i receive Error 014.40 Unable to connect to wireless network. Yes, I'm certain my password is correct, I've got 2 phones 2 laptops, and 4 other rokus connected to it. Yes I've restarted the router and the roku stick. i even dug out my old router set up a new network, it wont connect to that either or my cell phone hotspot. how can i fix this issue?

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Re: Roku can no longer authenticate on any wifi network


Since you had both a remote and a network issue, there is a possibility that the Long Range Wireless Receiver (LRWR) in the power cable may be faulty/damaged/defective.  The LRWR is responsibile for both network connection and communication with the Roku Remote.(Voice).  Additionally, failing to connect to an alternate network/hotspot is another indication of a possible hardware failure/issue.

If under a year old, should qualify for warranty replacement. https://support.roku.com/article/208757058


Before absolutely condemning the Roku device or the LRWR, try removing the password from your network SSID (create an open network) and see if the Roku device will now connect.  If the Roku device now connects, try changing the password on your network (and eliminate any special characters from it, just use numbers and letters).  If able to connect again, then have narrowed issue down to an authentication issue and a password change should resolve it. (In some cases, you can return to using your original password with the special characters, in other cases, you can't.)  This is kind of a router by router (firmware by firmware) kind of thing.

Then try the above with your hotspot (removing and then changing the password).

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