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Roku Premiere refusing to stay connected to internet

I’m about ready to chuck this out of the window. Recently, my Roku Premiere has decided my internet isn’t good enough. Despite living in a small apartment, my Roku says my wifi is a “poor” connection and refuses to connect. Both my phone and laptop work perfectly fine with the Wifi. My laptop will even run Netflix in the furthest possible place in my apartment from the router with all the doors shut in between. Tried restarting the router. Tried moving the router closer, but due to the wiring, I can only get it so far. Tried moving my Roku around but that’s limited by the length of the provided cable too. So I went out and bought a Wifi extender and set it up. It’s literally about 2.5 feet away from the Roku device. It says it has “excellent” signal and I got Sling playing. But, after about 15 minutes, I get an error message saying it can’t connect to a network and asks if I’d like to check the connection... so I close out of Sling, go to check the connection... and surprise! It says excellent. Go back to my movie, same thing happens. I don’t believe it’s Sling because I sat on the Home Screen and watched the little “no connection” message pop up next to the time before disappearing and reconnecting. The new extender has lights displaying the wifi strength and they stay on high, even when the Roku disconnects.. so I don’t believe it’s the router disconnecting. I also turn off the WiFi on my other devices while the Roku is on so nothing else is connected. I’ve restarted the Roku and done a factory reset. I’m at a loss. 

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