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Roku Premiere Ethernet Work Around?

I recently purchased a new tv and the roku premiere to plug into it, while the roku itself has no Ethernet plug-in, the tv does and I can successfully use the Ethernet on the tv but not the roku? When I setup my roku I think it did work with the Ethernet but once i unplugged the Ethernet, now when I plug it back in, it doesn’t connect to the roku. Do you HAVE to buy a roku ultra to use Ethernet with roku?

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Re: Roku Premiere Ethernet Work Around?


The only Roku Premiere model that has ethernet is/was the Roku Premiere+ 4630.  Any other model number of the Premiere/Premiere+ is wireless only (no ethernet capability.)

Other than the Ultra (and newer Ultra LT models) which provide for ethernet built-in to the Roku device, you can now use an USB ethernet adapter with the new Roku Express 4k/4k+ models. (ethernet adapter has to be USB 2.0 and basically 10/100, not 10/100/1000).  The Streambars are similar with respect to this ethernet adapter as well.

More info on the ethernet adapters can be found here. (https://support.roku.com/article/360058027813)

Just make sure you get a USB 2.0 ethernet adapter with the specified chipsets in the article and you should be good to go if you go this router rather than purchasing an Ultra.

Just to clarify all the above...The ethernet when plugged into the TV directly is not sharing its ethernet capability with your Roku device.

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