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Roku Premier+ Wired Connectivity Issues

Just upgraded our Router to Nighthawk RAX80. We use an Ethernet cable to connect the Roku to the router. We cannot get the router and roku to "talk" to each other. Have tried rebooting, re-plugging the cables, etc. If anyone can help, it would be appreciated. Did not have any issues with the old NetGear router. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku Premier+ Wired Connectivity Issues

I have the same issue, Roku 3 worked fine on ethernet connected directly to ActionTec C1000a DSL modem/router.  "Upgraded" network putting ActionTec in transparent bridge mode, added Asus RT-ACRH 13 router going through a D-Link switch.  Everything thing else works perfectly, getting signal, laptop will connect on line going to Roku, tried factory reset, reset connections, etc - so far no joy.  Would upgrade if I thought it would work with another Roku, but sounds like new models have same issues. 

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