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Reel Rookie

Roku Express wont connect to WIFI error 14.50?

I just got this Roku Express for my grandma and tried setting it up. It finds all networks around me and finds my WiFi network (with a full strength connection) but after i select it and enter the password it says "cannot connect" and gives me the error code: 14.50. 

After doing all the troubleshooting (restarted router, restarted roku, made sure password was correct) I looked online and many people said to contact your internet provider cuz there may be something wrong with the router. Well, i contacted CenturyLink and they said everything was fine on their end and to contact the Roku directly, but Roku support isnt taking calls right now! 

I've tried everything and I'm at my limit now! I looked on here and none of these topics have helped! I've restarted both the Roku and router and i made sure my password was correct and I'm still unable to connect! I've got many other devices that connect just fine no problem, just the Roku has an issue. 

Someone please help!

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