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Roku Express will not see network SSID

I have 3 Roku Express devices. They have all worked OK for months. About 2 weeks ago 2 of them reported as Not Connected on the home screen. When attempting to connect to a wireless network, both of these devices see all the other networks around me but not mine. I have moved the Roku Expresses to the same room as the router with no effect. I have factory reset the Roku devices with no effect. I have rebooted the router and for a short time one of them saw the network SSID and connected, a few hours later they lost connection. 2.4Ghz is on in my router. SSID is set to broadcast. Every other device in the house works OK even one other Roku Express. I have a vodafone hub router where it seems like it is impossible to amend the network channel on expert mode. Any advice? Thanks.

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Re: Roku Express will not see network SSID

If your Expresses are temporarily seeing the network SSID, then dropping, most likely the channel assigned in the router is experiencing interference.  Under the Wireless Settings in your router, try assigning the 2.4gz to a different channel.  (channels 1, 6, 11) will most likely give you the best frequencies with least interference.   Not always the case so you may have to experiment with the channel number. Roku will not recognize channels 12, 13, or 14.  If you are set to Auto in the channel selection, manually assign it to one of the channels above and lower your Bandwidth to 20Mhz in same Wireless Settings Screen for the 2.4gz.

For the most part, you can probably navigate to the Express Network Screen, while simultaneously changing your router's assigned channel. (in the router, press Save, then Apply Settings or the like after assigning the channel, then press SCAN AGAIN from the Roku and your Roku should see the network when it becomes visible). You may have to press SCAN a few times to refresh.

Once everything is working, do a router restart and a Roku System Restart on your devices and that should help verify your configuration is good.  

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