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Roku Express doesnt connect reliably

I keep running into issues where my Roku Express's network signal is "weak" in spite of a factory reset, network reset, router reset, multiple devices working fine and every other fools errand posted on this forum. 

I can't keep disconnecting and reconnecting my router for two reasons

1. Other people in my home use the internet for work
2. I paid for this. It's unbelievably stupid to think this solution is sustainable, let alone a business model. I wasn't raised on an idiot farm, eating away at a Moron Seed Loaf. 

I'm not sure if the introduction of (useless) 'Live TV' Channels detonated your devices but I haven't had a single problem until that popped up. Does anyone have a chromecast model recommendation? 

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Re: Roku Express doesnt connect reliably

Hi @angryexpressuse,

Greetings from the Roku Community!

We understand and appreciate you reporting this behavior on your Roku device. We'd like to see if these options that we can try here work for you.

Have you tried changing your wireless channel or connecting it to an alternative network, such as a mobile hotspot, to see if you're still seeing the same issue occur?

If there's no improvement, please provide with us the serial number of the device; this can be found under Home > Settings>System>About.

Please keep us posted!



Roku Community Moderator
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