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Roku Express Will Not Connect to Router

I just bought a Roku Express a couple of days ago and right out of the box, it will not connect to my home wifi network. I've spent hours troubleshooting and nothing seems to work. 
I tried to test it out by connecting to my phone's hot spot and that connected right away with no issues, so I don't think that's the problem. I don't have any issues trying to connect any other devices on my home wifi network. 
I've checked to make sure it's trying to connect to 2.4Ghz and it is. 
I've tried changing the channels to ensure it's connecting to only a channel between 1-11.
I've tried moving the Roku so that it's less than 12 inches away from the Router. 
I've restarted the Roku (dozens of times at this point) and my Router and have not had any success with that. 
I'm definitely using the correct network name and password. 
I'm at a complete loss as to what to do now or how to fix this. Any other tips or suggestions about what can be done to resolve this and get it working?? Feeling very defeated and just want to figure out how to get it working. 
Roku Express (3930, 3931 series)  

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Re: Roku Express Will Not Connect to Router


Can you provide your router model number?

Some additional steps to try....

1.  Try temporarily disabling the 5ghz radio.  Then restart both the router and Roku again. (I know...)

2. From within router [Wireless Settings], try changing the 2.4 ghz Mode/Protocol. (Try g/n, then N only).  Restart router after each change. 

3. From within router [Wireless Settings], try changing the 2.4 ghz Bandwidth/Channel Width to 20mhz.

4. From within router [Security], verify using WPA/WPA2 Personal (not Enterprise).  Additionally, try also  setting to No Security (disabling password) for troubleshooting.

5. From within Roku, navigate to Settings..System...Advanced System...Network Connection Reset..Reset Network Connection.  After automatic reboot, may have to press Scan Again a few times to refresh available network connections.

6. From within Roku, navigate to Settings..Network..Check Connection. (What are the results here?)

Post back your results from above troubleshooting.  Additionally, can you get other devices to connect to the 2.4ghz network?  Do you have any other Roku devices available you can test? Do you have another network (friend/family etc) that you can see if this device can connect to. (If you can connect to hotspot and an alternative network, then points to a router configuration or compatibility issue that needs to be addressed.)

Depending on the convenience factor for you, may be easier to return and upgrade to the Express 4k+ that is dual band (2.4 and 5ghz compatible.)  If not convenient or feasible for you, then we can try and continue to troubleshoot this one for you.  Sometimes, the Express 3930/3931 just seems to be either stubborn or outright won't connect to some networks/network setups.

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