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Roku Express 4k+ does not connect to internet but Roku TV does.

I use a Roku Express 4k+ for my non-smart TV in my living room and a Roku TV in my bedroom. My Roku TV works great all the time but my TV with the Roku Express has had problems for the last two days. It has no problems when I turn it on in the morning or the evening but when I try to use it in the afternoon, it says that Roku is not connected to the internet. So I walk to the bedroom, turn on my Roku TV and it works just fine there. It is connected. So, I walk back to the living room and turn off the TV and then turn it back on and it then connects. If I turn it on and off without turning on the bedroom TV it will not connect,. I have to turn on the bedroom TV first, then I turn that off and then turn on the living room TV and it works fine after that. I can then turn off the living room TV for a while and turn it on again later and it works fine. So, I am puzzled as to why I am having problems using my living room TV with Roku Express 4k+ when I turn it on in the afternoon when the Bedroom Roku TV works and the internet shows that it is connected and working. . Everything else that is connected to the internet is with T-Mobile Home Internet and everything works fine and even the Roku Express works fine most of the time. It just seems to have this problem in the afternoon.  I am  not technical minded so all I did was follow directions to set things up. From what I can see both of my TVs are connected to 2.4 ghz while the computer itself is connected to 5 ghz via ethernet. Is there any logical reason for this?

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Re: Roku Express 4k+ does not connect to internet but Roku TV does.

Are you using the supplied power adapter or the TV's USB port?  If the latter, try using the supplied power adapter.  If the former, try disabling "power saving" under Settings->System->Power.

I really can't say why either of those would cause what you're describing, but they're something to try.

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