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Roku Box with a Roku SmartTV

I recently purchased a Westinghouse Roku Smart TV for my university dorm. Unfortunately the tv cannot connect via the school’s WiFi, and the school’s IT has told me the only way to use the TV at school would be with an Ethernet connection. My TV doesn’t have an Ethernet port so I was hoping to buy an Ethernet to HDMI or Ethernet to USB 2.0 adaptor, however individual I spoke with at Westinghouse, told me buying an Ethernet adaptor will not fix the problem because the TV cannot read Ethernet.

If I was to buy the Roku Ultra box which has an Ethernet port, would I be able to plug that into my Roku smart TV and connect the Roku box via Ethernet to utilize the Roku software that way? Just not sure if it’s possible to hook up a Roku box on a Roku smart TV.

Thank you in advance from a college student trying to make their new home away from home a bit more home-y!

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Re: Roku Box with a Roku SmartTV

Yes, but I'm surprised the TV won't work with your school's Wi-Fi.  You may also be able to get a travel router and connect that to your Ethernet connection and then have your TV connect to that via Wi-Fi.  It can be problematic, but generally just works.

Back to the TV...  When you try to connect to your school's Wi-Fi what happens?  Do you get the prompt about being at home or school/hotel?

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Re: Roku Box with a Roku SmartTV

I am further surprised that Westinghouse said the TV can't read ethernet. (I think they meant it didn't have ethernet capability built in.)

You can also try these USB to Ethernet adapters.  Basically have to be 10/100 not 1000(gigabyte) compatible.


also... https://www.amazon.com/AmazonBasics-USB-Ethernet-Network-Adapter/dp/B00M77HLII/ref=psdc_13983791_t1_...

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