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Roku 3920x is hard resetting my modem and not updating

Trying to upgrade from roku express to roku 3920x i get to the network selection type in password and it goes to update, and instantly my MODEM not router, is hard reset, and the network has to reboot and roku loses connection. 

but its not losing connectiong it is honestly hard resetting my modem and the pwoer lights all shut off i lose all internet on everything until its back up

ive left the modem and hdmi/roku unplugged for 60mins and then retried it

i made the password simplier no uppercase no numbers no special characters just password

i removed wi-fi protected features and its still happening


i plugged my roku express back in and it works just splendily so  unsure where to go from here


not even sure how this is possible its like roku is more of an admin on my modem than i am

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Re: Roku 3920x is hard resetting my modem and not updating

I've been hanging around this forum for several years now, and I don't recall ever having heard this particular problem.

Since I don't understand what's causing this, I don't know if this suggestion has a prayer of helping, but ...

If you have a phone with a wifi hotspot, try to set up your Premiere by connecting to the hotspot as its internet connection.  If your phone's hotspot is configured to use the 5 GHz wifi band, set it back to the 2.4 GHz band so the Premiere can connect to it.  If this setup is successful then change your Premiere's wifi connection to use your home network and see if that leaves your modem alone.

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Re: Roku 3920x is hard resetting my modem and not updating


Also interesting is that you are "upgrading" from an Express (model unknown) to a 3920 - a discontinued model from 2019 that is longer available from retailers.

What retailer did you purchase this from and/or what country are you located in?

I highly advise you to return the Premiere 3920 (this model routinely has 2.4Ghz connection issues after a year or less of usage) and obtain a $30 Express 4K+, which you can get from Walmart/Best Buy/Amazon/Roku.com


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