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Renewal Faud False accounts--false charges

Roku sets ups false accounts & makes them renewal over & over with the complicity of PAYPAL OVER & OVER. i HAVE A ROKU TV--NEVER A ROKU ACCOUNT. 

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Reel Rookie

Re: Renewal Faud False accounts--false charges

My remote control is less than one day and two keys are not working Pause and previous channel please advice thanks.

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Roku Guru

Re: Renewal Faud False accounts--false charges

When you install a new Roku, you either create an account or you link it to an existing account.  Also, to post on this forum, you used a Roku account – possibly the same roku account you created for the TV or possibly another roku account.  (My guess is that you have two Roku accounts – the one you’re posting with and the one connected to your TV.  You can go to settings -> system -> about to see where your TV is connected.)

The only way I know to get paypal involved is to login to your paypal account while setting up your payment method.  (Unless you have set paypal to recognize your computer/phone, in which case paypal is very convenient, and a bit dangerous, if you not protecting your computer/phone with a good password.) In any case, a credit card number or a paypal account is something you (optionally) link during setup.  A roku gizmo can’t just guess your payment methods.  It knows nothing about you unless you tell it such things.  Possibly you let someone else install it and they told it these things about you?

As for the day-old remote, I’d swap it out at the store.  At typical stores you still have 29 days left on your exchange/refund period.  If you bought it with a Roku, they’ll want to swap it all together, so unlink it from your account and factory reset first. 

Hmm… on second thought, your reference to pause and previous channel makes me think you have a Roku TV and are trying to pause live TV.  I don’t have a Roku TV myself, but I think if you connect a flash drive to allow pausing live TV, then your rewind button functions as it normally does on a Roku.  On some Roku TVs, if you have not installed a flash drive, then the rewind button acts as a previous channel button instead.  There is no dedicated previous channel button on a Roku remote so so you have to choose between pausing and previous channel functions and this confuses some people.

Banned but back. Because why not?
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